Is your servicing schedule up to scratch?

No matter what machinery, vehicles or equipment you use, lubricants in the form of grease or oil are vital in ensuring that your equipment operates smoothly. However, some sort of service schedule must be in place and adhered to.

Service engine soonA significant amount of mechanical problems arise for poorly lubricated machinery. Ferguson & Menzies supply lubricants and greases to the automotive, industrial, agricultural, haulage and many more sectors. Lubrication is an issue that our clients come to us with (from fault-free to nightmare scenarios) on a regular basis so in the interests of clarity here are a few pointers when it comes to servicing schedules.


Prevention is always better (and often considerably less expensive) than a cure. When it comes to maintaining machinery this advice should be at the top of your list. Consider how easy and cheaper it is to buy some quality oil or grease to a pre-determined schedule over the course of a year than it is to replace a vehicle, vehicle’s engine or piece of crucial machinery that your business depends on. The lubricants you invest in and the servicing schedule you have in place not only keep your machinery working properly they extend its lifespan.


  • Review your service schedule.
  • Record the usage hours of your machinery, vehicle or equipment.
  • Note the frequency of minor and major repairs.
  • Re-evaluate your preferred lubricants.
  • Assess all of the above together and see if any improvements can be made.

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