Lubrications Solutions – The best lubricant for the job

No matter what machinery, vehicle or equipment you use, lubricants in the form of grease or oil are vital in ensuring that your equipment operates smoothly. However, to maintain well and properly lubricated machinery it’s not a case of buying any lubricant and filling up or applying it without some planning and due care and attention.

Applying right amount of lubricant to gearsA significant amount of mechanical problems arise for poorly lubricated machinery. Ferguson & Menzies supply to the automotive, industrial, agricultural, haulage and many more sectors. Finding the best lubricant for your requirements is an issue that our clients come to us with (from fault-free to nightmare scenarios) on a regular basis so here’s our take.


Choosing a lubricant form the vast selection available on the market today can be confusing at best. Raw materials and production methods are becoming more and more refined and continue to improve the quality of products across every sector. This has resulted in less multi-purpose lubricants and more lubricants for specialist applications. In the constant drive to improve efficiencies, businesses look for better quality lubricants suited to their needs.


Ferguson & Menzies are also on a constant drive to improve efficiencies! Our constant monitoring of industry specifications, user trends, additive improvements and legislation changes means we can and do adapt very quickly to our customers’ needs and can advise on the best lubricant on an application by application basis.

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