It’s Time to Get Your Agricultural Equipment Ready for Spring 2024

with Opus Lubricants

tractor in field on sunny day - opus lubricants agricultural equipment spring 2024

As the daylight hours lengthen and temperatures start to rise, spring is the optimal time to prepare your agricultural vehicles and machinery for the upcoming planting and growing seasons.

Ferguson & Menzies, a premier Scottish manufacturer of high-quality lubricants for over 100 years, offers a full range of Opus Lubricants specially designed to help get your equipment in peak operating condition after winter storage. Before heading out to the fields it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect each machine and address any issues. Here’s a quick checklist to help.

Carefully Inspect All Equipment Prior to Use

Before taking tractors, combines or any farm implements out into the fields, be sure to thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment and address any issues. Closely check for signs of damage, rust, leaks, loose parts and alignment problems. Compare against your model-specific owner’s manuals for manufacturer guidance on proper maintenance. For assistance inspecting or repairing any worn components, consult your trusted local agricultural maintenance specialists.

Refresh Vital Fluids to Protect Internal Components

Sitting idle over the winter months can negatively impact the quality and effectiveness of engine oil, coolants, brake fluids and other vital internal lubricants. Old, dirty fluids should be refreshed in accordance with your equipment manufacturer’s recommendations. Consider upgrading to our top-tier Opus Lubricants universal tractor oils tailored to protect critical systems like wet disc brakes, hydraulic components, drivetrain gears and powertrain transmissions.

Opus Semi-Synthetic and Mineral Oils Meet Industry Specs

Specially formulated to provide outstanding all-season performance and longevity, our diverse line of Opus Universal Tractor Oils adhere to specifications from leading equipment producers like John Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson and Allison. We offer both conventional and synthetic-blend options to suit your individual machinery lubrication needs and operating conditions.

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Stock Up Now for Savings throughout February

Be proactive and get your agricultural fleet fully prepared for another busy growing and harvest season. Take advantage of Ferguson & Menzies special pricing on various lubricants, oils and Opus Universal Tractor Oils throughout February. Whether mineral or semi-synthetic, these multi-grade oils help prevent wear, protect against deposits and thermal breakdown, enhance fuel economy and extend drain intervals.

With over a century proudly serving Scottish agricultural businesses of all sizes, Ferguson & Menzies has the products, technical expertise and customer support to keep your tractors, combines, implements and other equipment running smoothly all season long. Contact your Account Manager today or send us a question through our contact page.

Let’s get ready for peak performance this spring!