Renfrew Juniors FC Scores Big with Opus Lubricants Sponsorship

Renfrew juniors FC boys team in Opus Blue Zipper tops

Opus Lubricants are delighted to sponsor one of our local football teams, Renfrew Juniors FC.

Renfrew Juniors encompasses players of all ages, from the youngest at 2017 kids to seasoned adults, including the renowned Renfrew FC senior team competing in the prestigious West of Scotland Football League First Division.

The partnership between Opus Lubricants and Renfrew Juniors is an alliance of shared values and a commitment to community enrichment. Opus Lubricants seized the opportunity to sponsor the 2014 age group, a decision driven not only by the desire to promote our brand locally but also to provide crucial financial support to the team across various facets of their operations.

renfrew juniors 1

A recent highlight for the team was their journey to North Wales to take part in a tournament. With 21 young athletes in tow, the weekend was brimming with excitement and camaraderie as they competed over two days. The boys showcased their skills and resilience, emerging victorious in the majority of their matches, a testament to their dedication and teamwork.

Opus Lubricants is thrilled to be a part of Renfrew Juniors FC’s journey, and looks forward to continued collaboration in nurturing talent and fostering a sense of community pride through the beautiful game.

renfrew juniors presentation