Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is the main distributor in Scotland for GreenChem AdBlue offering different pack sizes including bulk and a range of AdBlue related equipment.

GreenChem is a European producer and supplier of AdBlue, the solution that is needed for the new trucks of practically all heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, diesel engine cars, agricultural and construction vehicles. With the use of AdBlue, the emission standards Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 are met. In addition, GreenChem has developed a quality system in order to maintain the quality of the product throughout the entire logistic chain, with the filling systems designed also to maintain AdBlue’s high quality.

In April 2010 Ferguson & Menzies Ltd were pleased to become GreenChem’s manufacturer for AdBlue: our two 132000 litre tanks, one for blending and one for storage, are the largest thermoplastic tanks in Europe.

As one of Europe’s largest AdBlue producers and distributors, GreenChem provides you with the best quality AdBlue solutions.

GreenChem’s AdBlue is manufactured according to the DIN 70 070, which is prescribed by the heavy duty vehicle manufacturers.

AdBlue can be purchased in bulk, 1000 litre IBC, 200 litres drum, 20 litres container and 10 litres container.

AdBlue Tips:

  • Ensure what you buy is properly labelled AdBlue and not “urea solution” as this could seriously damage your vehicle. AdBlue is officially known as AUS 32,containing high purity urea and deionised water.
  • Top up around 12-13,000 miles to ensure optimum performance.
  • AdBlue can last up to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry, uncontaminated area between -11 and 30 degrees C.

Technical Information:        TDS AdBlue                     SDS Adblue

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