Our Top 5 Checks for Spring Vehicle Care

Welcome the Warmer Weather

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Following these key spring vehicle care and motor maintenance tips will help ensure your ride stays safe, road-ready and running reliably all season long as temperatures rise and you rack up more mileage.

It’s important to get your personal or commercial vehicles ready for the warmer weather with some key maintenance steps.

Start by thoroughly inspecting your engine, fluids, tires, brakes, battery and other critical components. Replace the oil and filter to remove built-up contaminants from the winter. Consider switching to lighter viscosity Opus Lubricants motor oils that promote better flow and cooling at higher operating temperatures.

Flushing the cooling system and refilling with fresh Opus antifreeze prevents overheating, provides winter freeze protection and maintains optimal pH balance. Check all belts and hoses for cracks or loose connections and address as needed. Rotate tires for even treadwear and properly inflate for a longer lifespan and better fuel economy.

Inspecting brake pads, rotors and fluid levels reduces risk of failure while hauling heavier trailers or loads. Clean any corroded battery connections and test for full cranking power to avoid getting stranded with a dead battery. Replacing worn wiper blades provides clearer visibility in spring showers and pack some Opus traffic film remover for the boot to clean off grime

Addressing these basic maintenance items along with a full vehicle inspection gives you confidence for worry-free operation all spring and summer. Ferguson & Menzies offers a complete range of quality Opus oils, lubricants and filters to keep your automobile, truck or fleet running safely and efficiently on the road. Contact us today to learn more and order discounted products.

Why not screenshot the guide below for quick on-the-road spring vehicle care?

1. Change the Engine Oil and Filter

Old oil can thicken over the winter and fail to properly lubricate the engine. Replacing it with fresh oil and a new filter cleans contaminants and ensures smooth performance.

2. Check Tire Pressure and Tread

Properly inflated tires last longer, are safer to drive on and help save fuel. Also inspect tread depth and replace tires if under 3/32 inches.

3. Test the A/C System

Get your vehicle’s air conditioning system ready for hot weather by testing it out and having the pressure and refrigerant levels checked by a mechanic.

4. Wash and Wax the Exterior

Give your car a good wash and wax at the start of the warmer weather. This protects the paint from seasonal debris and UV damage. Vacuum the interior while you’re at it.

5. Check all Lights

Replace any burnt-out headlights, brake lights or indicators so you can see and be seen clearly at night. Consider switching to LED bulbs for brightness and efficiency.

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