Lubrication Solutions – The Goldilocks Principle

No matter what machinery, vehicle or equipment you use, lubricants in the form of grease or oil are vital in ensuring that your equipment operates smoothly. However, you might have the best lubricant in the world but not know how to apply it properly. Here’s the Ferguson & Menzies take on applying lubricants.

Right amount of grease on gearYou know the story; one bowl of porridge was too hot for Goldilocks, the other too cold, but the third was just right. It may be a children’s story but the concept of “just the right amount” is now an accepted scientific principle.


The importance of applying just the right amount of a lubricant can’t be overstated. Too much grease and bearings can be damaged, decrease their lifespan, put excess pressure on machinery and could cause a systemwide failure. Too little and friction will cause just as much damage. There’s also health and safety to consider. So obviously knowing the correct amount of lubricant to apply is critical.


Always refer to your equipment specs and operating procedures and cross-reference those with the specs of the recommended lubricant or contact the lubricant manufacturer for advice.

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