NUT JOBB Multipurpose Lubricating Spray: The Ultimate Solution for Everyday Problems

Nut Jobb multipurpose spray

Release those rusty nuts and bolts with NUT JOBB

Opus Lubricants is delighted to introduce an innovative new product that’s designed to make your life easier. NUT JOBB Multipurpose Lubricating Spray is a versatile aerosol, packaged with a convenient tube attachment for effortless application to all your materials and components.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic, a DIY enthusiast or you need a reliable lubricant for household use, NUT JOBB is the answer to your problems. This multipurpose lubricating spray is specifically formulated to assist in the release of rusty or seized nuts, bolts or any problematic seized part.

rusted metal component - Nut Jobb multipurpose spray


NUT JOBB is engineered to protect your assets

This superb liquid gold spray exhibits none to negligible effects on plastic, rubber and hard metallic or steel surfaces. Your valuable equipment remains unharmed during the lubrication process, a worthwhile benefit above other potentially damaging lubricants.

NUT JOBB Multipurpose Lubricating Spray has a vapour density greater than 1 to ensure optimal coverage and penetration. With a flash point of 51 degrees Celsius, NUT JOBB guarantees safe usage even in challenging conditions. Its freeze point/pour point of -64 degrees Celsius also ensures usability in extreme temperatures.

Protect steel or metallic components from atmospheric moisture and rust

NUT JOBB is an excellent choice for long-term storage solutions as its moisture repellent attribute means you can extends the life of your stored items. Its lubricating properties offer everyday solutions for various situations, including engineering applications in the marine, automotive, agricultural or domestic sector.

Add NUT JOBB to your toolbox

NUT JOBB is available in 450 ml aerosol cans and the included tube attachment allows for precise application so you can reach tight spots effortlessly. The compact size makes it ideal for both professional and personal use, ensuring you always have a reliable solution on hand.

What our customers say about NUT JOBB

MJS Marine Engineers, Douglas, Isle of Man: Mike Stutt, a marine engineer, was amazed by NUT JOBB’s ability to effortlessly release numerous firmly rusted nuts and bolts, even those exposed to corrosive sea water. It’s truly a remarkable all-round product for marine engineering maintenance!

Waudby Motor Engineers, Wetherby, West Yorkshire: The team at Waudby Motor Engineers enthusiastically gave NUT JOBB the ‘thumbs up’ for its outstanding performance as an easing spray and lubricating fluid, especially for MOT work.

It’s the seal for approval all round for this essential product. Contact us to order NUT JOBB or to find out more. 

tyre lying on floor of garage with mechanic working in background; a thumbs up graphic in an orange circle is in the centre of the photo - Nut Jobb multipurpose spray