Lubrication Solutions – Keep your lubricants clean

No matter what machinery, vehicle or equipment you use, lubricants in the form of grease or oil are vital in ensuring that your equipment operates smoothly. However, the condition of the lubricants you use is just as important as the kind you use.

Clean gear oil lubricantA significant amount of mechanical problems arise for poorly lubricated machinery. Ferguson & Menzies supply to the automotive, industrial, agricultural, haulage and many more sectors. Lubrication is an issue that our clients come to us with (from fault-free to nightmare scenarios) on a regular basis so there’s our take on keeping your lubricants clean.


Just like the human body, machinery, vehicles and equipment react negatively if a contaminated substance enters it. At Ferguson & Menzies we are meticulous in our manufacturing process to eliminate any contamination of our products and, by and large, most contamination occurs during storage or while lubricants are being dispensed or used.


All Ferguson & Menzies products have just the right amount of additives to ensure optimal performance and are stored and shipped in robust containers and packaging so we recommend businesses adopt sound storage and dispensing practices for all their lubricants to reduce the risk of contamination.

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