Opus ‘Retail’ Range of Automotive Lubricants

Ferguson Menzies’ extensive range of engine and transmission oils and winter and summer speciality lubricants are advanced, quality products, colour coded for eye-catching and easy product recognition.

SYNOPUS Fully Synthetic Engine Oils

Opus Lubricants Synopus Nova 5W30 Low Saps Fully Synthetic Engine OilThe Synopus range of fully synthetic engine oils are formulated to meet the performance and fuel efficiency requirements of a wide variety of engines.

  • Synopus Nova Ultra 5W30 (latest OEM approvals)
  • Synopus Nova VLS 5W30 / 5W40 (latest VW specification)
  • Synopus Nova MLS 5W30 / 5W40 (latest Mercedes Benz and BMW specifications)
  • Synopus Nova LL 5W30 / 5W40 (GM and BMW Longlife)
  • Synopus F 5W30 (latest Ford WSS M2C 913C)
  • Synopus 0W30 / 5W30 / 5W40 / 10W40

Opus FAME Semi-Synthetic Engine Oils

Ferguson Menzies’ Fame semi-synthetic engine oils are formulated to meet the latest Euro 5 & 6 low emissions requirements this high quality oil is suitable for ultra low and low sulphur diesel engines.

  • FAME 5W30 / 1-W30 / 5W40 / 10W40

Opus PLUS Mineral Based Engine Oils

Opus Lubricants Engine Oil Fame 10W40 Semi Synthetic Low Saps Engine OilThe Plus range of multigrade engine oils are designed to give top quality performance in both petrol and diesel engines.

  • Opus Plus 10W30 / 10W40 / 15W40
  • Opus D SAE 30 / 10W30 / 15W30
  • Opus B SAE 30 / SAE 40 / 10W30
  • Opus Multigrade 20W50

Opus ‘Superior’ Motorbike Range

Synthetic and mineral range of engine and gear oils.

Opus Two Stroke Oils

Synthetic, mineral and biodegradable.

Opus Transmissions Oils

  • Synopus Transmission Oils 75W80 / 75W90 / A.T.F. Dexron III
  • Fame Transmission Oils 75W80 / 75W90
  • Opus Gear Oils 75W80 / 80W90 / 85W140 / SAE 90 / SAE 140 / Limited Slip EP90
  • Opus A.T.F. Dexron II / DEXRON III

Opus Winter and Summer Specialities/Ancillaries

  • Windscreen Wash – Concentrated / Ready Mixed Antifreeze and Summer Coolant
  • Long Life Antifreeze
  • Brake Fluid

For more information on any of the products above and to place an order call us on 0141 445 3555, email us or use our enquiry form.