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Category: Fame / Max Range (Semi Synthetic)

Our Fame & Max range containing Low Saps oils are specifically designed for heavy duty diesel vehicles and features the latest API CJ-4 & CK-4, as well as ACEA E9  & E11-22 specifications. Formulated to meet the latest Euro V & VI low emission requirements, this high quality oil is suitable for ultra low and low sulphur diesel engines. The Fame and Max range of semi-synthetic oils use high quality base oils and additives. These provide superior fuel efficiency, engine cleanliness and component protection as well as other high performance features. 5W/30, 5W/40, 10W/30, 10W/40 & 15W/40 are included in the engine oil range. Low Saps variants of the 5W/30 and 10W/40 are also available. Superior Motorcycle Oil (available in 10W/30 and 10W/40) is a high performance semi synthetic 4 stroke engine oil with excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
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