Save Big on our Nut Jobb Promotion: The High Quality Multipurpose Lubricating Spray

ferguson menzines nut jobb promotion october 2023

Following the successful launch of our new Nut Jobb Lubricating Spray back in July, we’ve received really positive feedback from all our customers who have taken the opportunity to grab stock at our promotional price.

Initially we were only going to offer this special price for the month of September but as the product is in such high demand, and with current times being very demanding on everyone’s budgets, we have extended the offer for the full month of October.

So don’t delay! Grab yourself a case of 12 x 450ml at the special discount price of £33.00 + vat. This works out at the unbelievable price of only £2.75 + vat per can, a fraction of the price when compared to the other well-know blue and yellow cans out there.

View Nut Jobb technical data sheet. 

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We also have some great news!

If you use Nut Jobb Lubricating Spray in the workplace, an aerosol can is often not large enough for all your needs. Therefore, we will soon be able to offer Nut Jobb Lubricating Fluid in 5L Bulk Containers. Stay tuned for details!

What our customers say about NUT JOBB

MJS Marine Engineers, Douglas, Isle of Man: Mike Stutt, a marine engineer, was amazed by NUT JOBB’s ability to effortlessly release numerous firmly rusted nuts and bolts, even those exposed to corrosive sea water. It’s truly a remarkable all-round product for marine engineering maintenance!

Waudby Motor Engineers, Wetherby, West Yorkshire: The team at Waudby Motor Engineers enthusiastically gave NUT JOBB the ‘thumbs up’ for its outstanding performance as an easing spray and lubricating fluid, especially for MOT work.