Opus Industrial Lubricants for all Applications

Ferguson & Menzies, the only lubricants manufacturer of lubricants and construction products in Scotland, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of top quality oils for applications in industry.

Opus Lubricants Hydraulic Oils

An excellent range of hydraulic fluids available in a wide range of viscosities from ISO 10 to 150 and including Zinc, Zinc Free, High Viscosity Index and Biodegradable variations.

Hydraulic Oil Opus Lubricants Ferguson Menzies

Opus Lubricants Compressor Oils

A compressor oil range which meets or exceeds the demands of compressor manufacturers’ oil specifications, providing efficient and safe operation in all types of compressors including rotary screw, vane, refrigeration and reciprocating compressors.

Opus Lubricants Industrial Gear Oils

A comprehensive range of high quality extreme and lead free industrial gear oils for all general purpose, medium-duty and heavy-duty operations. The products in this range are suitable for use in the majority of industrial gear units including spur, reduction boxes, worm and helical bevel units.

Key performance benefits of Opus Lubricants Hydraulic Compressor Oils and Industrial Gear Oils:

  • High temperature stability
  • Superior anti-wear characteristics
  • Corrosion inhibited
  • Resistant to deposit formation
  • Exceptional resistance to oxidation

Opus Lubricants Slideway Oils

Designed to satisfy the precise lubrication requirements of modern machine tool slideways. These products produce maximum resistance to wear and corrosion whilst ensuring adherence to the sliding surfaces. This prevents the occurrence of ‘chatter marks’ even under the most arduous conditions.

Key performance benefits of Opus Lubricants Slideway Oils:

  • Excellent friction and anti-slip performance on all types of slideways
  • Good demulsibility
  • Highly resistant to deposit formation
  • Superior anti-wear characteristics
  • high temperature stability
  • Exceptional resistance to oxidation

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