New engine oil grades from Opus Lubricants


New engine oil grades from Opus Lubricants

Engine oil grades – ACEA: E8/E11-22 and API: CK4

With ever increasing engine technology and demanding emission controls, Opus Lubricants are at the forefront in supplying updated Full Synthetic Low Saps Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil grades to meet the latest ACEA E8/E11-22 specifications. Our best performing products include Synopus Max FE 5W30 and 10W30 Low Saps.

These grades cover a multitude of the latest OEM specifications including Scania LDF4, Volvo VDS 4.5, Renault RLD-4, MB 228.52 and MAN 327.1, helping to rationalise multi-fleet requirements.

Our engine oils and products

Opus Lubricants are manufactured by Ferguson & Menzies Ltd, the only lubricant manufacturer in Scotland, and we supply throughout the UK and globally, directly or through a growing authorised distributor network.

Ferguson & Menzies universal tractor oils promotion featuring two blue tractors in a field on a sunny day

We manufacture an extensive range of lubricant products with a unique 20Lt colour coding system to supply the Automotive, Agricultural, Off-Road and Industrial markets, as well as a specialised range of concrete chemical release agents and mould oils for the construction industry.

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd are Scotland’s main distributor and manufacture AdBlue for GreenChem supplying an extensive customer base, and a range of popular fuel treatments is available to treat the issues sometimes caused with biodiesel and storage tanks.

Ferguson & Menzies’ range of specially designed universal tractor oils includes semi-synthetic and mineral multipurpose tractor oils. They meet all the requirements of the mechanical components (‘wet’ brakes, hydraulics, gears and transmissions) of major manufacturers including Ford, MF, Allison and John Deere.

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