High quality Traffic Film Remover for all vehicle types

For sparkling cars and commercial vehicles at any time of year…

Our Traffic Film Remover is formulated to help get that gleaming showroom finish.

The OPUS range of Traffic Film Remover (TFR) from Ferguson & Menzies is a detergent available in various strengths specially designed to remove heavy road film, grease and general soilage from bodywork, chassis and curtain sided vehicles.

Suitable for use with all types of pressure washers it will quickly and efficiently clean cars, industrial and commercial vehicles.

Excellent results are achieved with automatic vehicle washing equipment, portable high pressure cleaning equipment and brush wash machines.

Traffic Film RemoverThe benefits include:

  • Safe and very economical
  • Suitable for bodywork, chassis and machinery
  • Ideal in all kinds of spraying equipment
  • Leaves a streak free finish
  • Rapidly removes road film and soilage
  • The Ferguson & Menzies guarantee of excellence

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