Use GreenChem AdBlue to Meet Euro Emission Standards

Do your vehicles meet Euro 4 and Euro 5 Emission Standards? If not, you’ll need AdBlue from Ferguson & Menzies Ltd.

Adblue from Ferguson & Menzies available to buy in bulk.

Adblue from Ferguson & Menzies available to buy in bulk.

Ferguson & Menzies have bee a licensed manufacturer of GreenChem’s AdBlue since 2010 and we manufacture AdBlue according to the DIN 70 070, which is prescribed by the heavy duty vehicle manufacturers.

For manufacturing Adblue we employ 40,000 litre and 60,000 litre storage tanks as well as our our two 132,000 litre tanks, one for blending and one for storage and are the largest thermoplastic tanks in Europe.

GreenChem has developed a quality system in order to maintain the quality of the product throughout the entire logistic chain, with the filling systems designed also to maintain AdBlue’s high quality.

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Storage and Dispensing

AdBlue from Ferguson & Menzies can be purchased in bulk, 1000 ltr IBCs, 200 ltr drums, 20 ltr containers and 10 ltr containers.

We also provide a variety of dispensing solutions for GreenChem AdBlue, such as the GreenStar Smart Systems and GreenStar dispensing drums.