The Opus Automotive Range of Engine Oils, Gearbox Oils and Transmission Fluids

Opus Lubricants’ automotive range incorporates an extensive family of vehicle lubricants conforming to the latest API and ACEA international engine manufacturers’ specifications and requirements.

Included in the range are synthetic and mineral based lubricants, manufactured with premium base oils and using the latest additive technology. The range includes products for crankcase, gearbox and transmission requirements and provides exceptional protection for all fuel-powered engines in vehicles, stationary units and marine applications.

Opus Lubricants Engine Oils

Designed to satisfy the precise lubrication requirements of modern diesel and petrol engines. The range includes lubricants for both turbo-charged and naturally aspirated engines with either Mid or Low Saps requirements.

Opus Lubricants engine oils UK

The latest ‘Synopus’ synthetic and ‘Fame’ semi-synthetic range of lubricants incorporates the latest technology providing the user with the optimum in engine performance characteristics and drain intervals.

Key performance benefits of Opus Lubricants petrol and diesel engine oils:

  • Maximum engine performance and protection
  • Superior anti-wear characteristics
  • Long drain intervals
  • Exceptional resistance to oxidation
  • Highly resistant to deposit formation

Opus Lubricants Gearbox Oils and Transmission Fluids

A comprehensive range of high performance gearbox and automatic transmission fluids are available manufactured from high performance extreme pressure additive systems dispersed in both high quality mineral oils and long-life full synthetic base stocks.

The range of manual and rear axle friction modified and limited slip differentials oils is available in a variety of mono-grades and multi-grades formulated to meet the latest API performance levels.

For automatic transmissions Opus Lubricants manufacture products to meet manufacturers’ recommendations including Dexron II and Dexron III.

Key performance benefits of Opus Lubricants Gearbox Oils and Transmission Fluids include:

  • Superior friction control
  • Excellent load carrying properties
  • Enhanced oxidation resistance
  • High levels of rust inhibition and corrosive prevention

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