Fuel Treatments

A range of fuel treatments, water dispersants, preservatives and enhancements designed to improve vehicle and fuel storage maintenance in a diverse range of industries including: Transport, Agriculture and Power Generation Systems.

Clean Energy Technologies

Application of Opus Fuel Treatments ‘Elite’ & ‘Allplant’ will assist in reducing fuel consumption and component costs by improving the efficiency of the injectors and the entire fuel system. Opus ‘Pure’ is a powerful fuel preservative formulated to maintain contamination-free Diesel fuels and fuel systems.

Opus Elite

Technical Data: TDS Elite | SDS Elite

(available in 500ml, 1lt, 5lt & 20lt)

For application to all Diesel and Petrol engine road vehicles: trucks, buses, coaches, vans and cars.

  • 1 part ELITE to 2000 parts Diesel /Petrol assures minimal treat cost
  • Reduces fuel consumption, typically by up to 5%
  • Cleans injectors and fuel systems
  • Significantly reduces smoking and harmful emissions
  • Improves power output and engine performance

Opus Allplant Ignite

Technical Data: TDS Allplant Ignite | SDS Allplant Ignite

(available in 1lt, 5lt & 20lt)

For application to all agricultural machinery: tractors, combine harvesters and ancillary equipment; also suitable for forestry and construction machinery: bulldozers, earth moving equipment, off road vehicles, foragers and forwarders.

  • 1 part ALLPLANT per 1500 parts fuel assures minimal treat cost.
  • Stabilises Diesel fuels held in long term storage for a period of up to 12 months (e.g. combine harvesters) , slowing deterioration and ensuring the fuel’s integrity and useability , for the new season.
  • Reduces fuel consumption; cleans and protects injectors.
  • Added lubricity.
  • Greatly improves engine power output by increasing the Diesel fuel’s crucial Cetane index number by 2-3 points. Enhances cold starting during winter months.

Opus Pure

Technical Data: TDS Pure | SDS Pure

(available in 500ml, 5lt & 20lt)

A highly effective Diesel fuel preservative, formulated to maintain contamination-free fuel and fuel storage tanks. Suitable for application to all Diesel fuel types , including those with FAME (biofuel) content.

Opus Baltic 1000

Technical Data: TDS Baltic |SDS Baltic

(available in 5lt & 20lt)

For addition to Bio diesel, Diesel and Gas Oil to reduce CFPP (Cloud Filter Plug Point) of fuel, during winter.

  • 1 part BALTIC 1000 parts fuel, assures the protection of UK winter and summer grade Diesel fuels by reducing the CFPP by a further -10 degrees C
  • BALTIC can be modified on request, to meet more vigorous winter climates, where temperatures may regularly drop below -30 degrees C
  • Certain Bio Diesels are more susceptible to gelling at temperatures higher than the accepted CFPP of regular
  • Destroys contamination in 24-48 hours
  • 1 part PURE

Opus KAT (Kerosene Additive Treatment)

Technical Data: TDS KAT | SDS KAT

(available in 5lt & 500ml)

OPUS KAT (Kerosene Additive Treatment ) is suitable for application to both range cookers and conventional oil fired burners.

  • Counteracts soot , carbon and deposit build up
  • Improves heat output
  • Reduces wear on fuel pump components
  • Application allows reduction in boiler servicing
  • 500 mls OPUS KAT will treat 1,000 litres of kerosene.
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