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Fuel Treatments

A range of fuel treatments, water dispersants, biocides and enhancements designed to improve vehicle and fuel storage maintenance in a diverse range of industries including: Transport, Agriculture and Power Generation Systems.

Clean Energy Technologies

Application of Opus Fuel Treatments ‘Elite’ & ‘Allplant’ will assist in reducing fuel consumption and component costs by improving the efficiency of the injectors and the entire fuel system. Opus ‘Pure’ is a powerful fuel biocide formulated to destroy microbial contamination on contact.

Opus Elite

Technical Data: TDS Elite | SDS Elite

(available in 500ml, 1lt, 5lt & 20lt)

For application to all Diesel and Petrol engine road vehicles: trucks, buses, coaches, vans and cars.

  • 1 part ELITE to 2000 parts Diesel /Petrol assures minimal treat cost
  • Reduces fuel consumption, typically by up to 5%
  • Cleans injectors and fuel systems
  • Significantly reduces smoking and harmful emissions
  • Improves power output and engine performance

Opus Allplant Ignite

Technical Data: TDS Allplant Ignite | SDS Allplant Ignite

(available in 1lt, 5lt & 20lt)

For application to all agricultural machinery: tractors, combine harvesters and ancillary equipment; also suitable for forestry and construction machinery: bulldozers, earth moving equipment, off road vehicles, foragers and forwarders.

  • 1 part ALLPLANT per 1500 parts fuel assures minimal treat cost
  • Disperses water and counteracts microbial growth in fuel and storage tanks
  • Reduces fuel consumption; cleans and protects injectors
  • Added lubricity

Opus Pure

Technical Data: TDS Pure | SDS Pure

(available in 500ml, 5lt & 20lt)

For the eradication of microbial growth in fuel and storage tanks (Diesel ‘bug’). Powerful biocide formulated to remove microbial growth manifestation occurring in fuel, fuel storage tanks, pipe work and pumps.

Opus Baltic 1000

Technical Data: TDS Baltic | SDS Baltic

(available in 5lt & 20lt)

For addition to Bio diesel, Diesel and Gas Oil to reduce CFPP (Cloud Filter Plug Point) of fuel, during winter.

  • 1 part BALTIC 1000 parts fuel, assures the protection of UK winter and summer grade Diesel fuels by reducing the CFPP by a further -10 degrees C
  • BALTIC can be modified on request, to meet more vigorous winter climates, where temperatures may regularly drop below -30 degrees C
  • Certain Bio Diesels are more susceptible to gelling at temperatures higher than the accepted CFPP of regular
  • Destroys contamination in 24-48 hours
  • 1 part PURE
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