Specialist Automotive Winter Products

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd are Scotland’s leading manufacturer and supplier of a large range of automotive products and fuel treatments for cars, commercials and heavy haulage for operating in Winter.

Winter throws up it’s own challenges and we manufacture and supply products specifically designed to help you overcome them.

ScreenwashOpus Screenwash

From Opus Screenwash Super Concentrate to Opus Screenwash Ready Mix we have an advanced formulation to suit every application. Opus Screenwash prevent the windscreen and jets from re-freezing at the start of a journey in freezing weather and clears grime and dried on insects with a minimum of foaming to maintain driver’s vision.

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Opus Anti-Freeze 5L

Opus Antifreeze

Our Ethylene Glycol based anti-freeze provides excellent performance. Our range is designed for cars, light commercials and our 4XHD product for heavy duty diesel engines. Our Inhibited Propylene Glycol Foodgrade antifreeze is designed for use in HVAC and chilling/freezing systems.

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Opus Baltic Deisel Fuel AdditiveOpus Baltic 1000

Opus Baltic is a diesel fuel additive with a highly effective Pour Point Depressant for addition to Bio Diesel, Diesel and Gas Oil, which reduces the CFPP (Cloud Filter Plug Point) of the fuel during the winter months. 1 part of Baltic to 1000 parts fuel, assures the protection of UK Winter and Summer grade diesel fuels by reducing CFPP by a further -8°C to -10°C.

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