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Transmission fluids gear oils Opus Lubricants Scotland

Fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral gear oils from Opus Lubricants manufactured by Ferguson & Menzies.

Our fully synthetic multi-vehicle manual transmission fluid is designed for use in European and Asian vehicles manufactured by all the major vehicle manufacturers. It provides superior protection for bearings and gears, performs well in low temperatures as well as many more high performance features.

We also manufacture and supply Limited Slip gear oil which is formulated to satisfy the lubrication needs of most Limited Slip Rear Axles. Suitable for passenger car and truck axles, our Limited Slip gear oil extends the gear life of either conventional or limited slip differentials.

Opus Lubricants' mineral gear oils are designed for use in a wide range of vehicle transmission systems of passenger cars, plant, agricultural and industrial vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Characteristics across the range of our mineral gear oils include meeting GL-1, GL-4, GL-5 specifications, rust and corrosion protection, excellent performance over a wide temperature range and a long life span.

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