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Category: Fame X Range (Semi Synthetic Long Drain)

A range of semi-synthetic, high performance engine long life diesel engine oils. Group 3 base oils and high quality additives combine to provide superior protection and cleanliness for OEM vehicle engines including Volvo, Mercedes, DAF and MAN. Fame XS diesel engine oil is API ACEA classified and meets the requirements for Scania, the latest Euro 6 engines as well as most Euro 4 & Euro 5 engines without Diesel Particulate Filters. The benefits of the Fame X Range (Semi Synthetic Long Drain) include:
  • Extended intervals between oil changes.
  • Improved performance under all conditions.
  • Increased engine protection and low volatility, including all the latest Euro 4 – Euro 5 trucks and buses.
TDS Fame-X 5W30 SDS Fame X 5W30 TDS Fame-X 10W40 SDS Fame X 10W40 TDS Fame-X 15W40 SDS Fame X 15W40 TDS Fame-XS 10W40 SDS Fame XS 10W40  
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