Opus Lubricants Specialities

The Opus Lubricants range of products is very extensive. As well as the main categories of lubricants such as petrol and diesel engine oils, greases and other lubricating fluids covered in Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets, the following are available:

Opus Lubricants Process Oils

The range of Process Oils is suitable for many diverse industries and covers a multitude of different applications. Included in the range are Paraffinic, naphthenic and Aromatic plus white oil based products. Some applications mat require specific requirements not met by existing products, and in this case of Opus Lubricants can offer the facility to develop bespoke fluids to specific customer requirements.

The comprehensive range of Process Oils are used in industries such as:

  • Rubber processing
  • Adhesive manufacture
  • Pigment dispersions
  • Road marking fluids
  • Dust suppressing fluids

Opus Lubricants Aerosols

Opus Lubricants AerosolsThe range of aerosols are a comprehensive and cost effective range of products supplied in easy-to-use, robust, 400ml aerosol cans available in packs of 12x400ml.

Our comprehensive range of aerosol products are:

  • Automotive aerosols
  • Maintenance aerosols
  • Janitorial aerosols
  • Line marking
  • Aerosols for food environments
  • Application-specific aerosols

Opus Lubricants Chemicals

A range of speciality chemical products are manufactured and supplied by Opus Lubricants including Traffic Film Remover (TFR) and soap indifferent concentrations, Degreasing Fluid, Screenwash, Antifreeze and Summer Coolant.

AdBlue Supplier

Ferguson & Menzies is the main distributor in Scotland for Greenchem AdBlue offering different pack sizes, bulk and AdBlue related equipment.

Opus Lubricants Fuel Treatments and Additives

Application of Opus Fuel Treatments ‘Elite’ and ‘Allplant’ will assist in reducing fuel consumption and component costs by improving the efficiency of the injectors and the entire fuel system.

Opus ‘Pure’ is a powerful fuel biocide formulated to destroy microbial contamination on contact. Dosage levels depend on the severity of the contamination. Opus ‘Baltic’ is for addition to bio diesel, diesel and gas oil to reduce CFPP (Cloud Filter plug Point) of fuel during winter.

For more information on any of the products above and to place an order call us on 0141 445 3555, email us or use our enquiry form.