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Optimum SE

TDS Optimum SE  SDS Optimum SE
Optimum SE is a biodegradable chemical release emulsion based on sustainable raw materials specially formulated to give easy release of formwork and high quality surface finishes to concrete.

Ferguson & Menzies have gained Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval for use of Optimum SE in contact with potable drinking water structures. Tested at the UKAS certified laboratories at NSF (Wales) Ltd., the product gained accreditation and satisfied the criteria as determined by BS 6920 PART 1:2104.

WRAS Approved Material It successfully came through tests which determined:
      • Odour/flavour of water
      • Appearance of water
      • Growth of aquatic micro organisms
      • Extraction of substances
      • Extraction of metals
This means that contractors working within the water industry sector can safely choose a product which has passed the stringent requirements demanded by WRAS. The completion of testing accords to the product its own unique identifying code 1807531.

Optimum SE is available in IBC/205/20LTR containers.
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