Spill Control & Janitorial Supplies

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is a leading distributor for FENTEX, the ‘Number One in Spill Control’ providing an extensive product range to meet the industry standard.

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  • Absorbents

    General Purpose, Oil & Fuel, Chemical and Loose Absorbents

  • Wiping Materials & Paper Products

    Paper Rolls, Zero-lint Wipers, Recycled Wiping Cloth

  • ‘spillpod’, Absorbent Station & Dispensers

    General Purpose, Oil & Fuel, Chemical, Boxed Absorbents, Absorbent Stations and Roll Dispensers

  • Spill Kits

    1L – 50L Spill Kits, 50L – 125L Spill Kits, 200L – 300L Spill Kits, 350L – 1100 Spill Kits, Vehicle Spill Kits and Accessories

  • Drain Protection

    Reusable Drain Protection and Assorted Kits

  • Oil Stain Removal Kits & Degreasers

    Concrete, Block Paving, Tarmac & Asphalt Cleaning Kits
    Multi-Use Biodegradable Aqueous Degreaser, Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner, Tarmac & Asphalt Surface Cleaner

  • Drip Pans & Trays

    Mini trays, Drip Pans, Tidy Tray and Drip Trays

  • 5 Litre & 25 Litre Drum Storage

    Small Container Bunded Storage

  • Hazardous Storage Cabinets & Stores

    Flammable Liquid, Acid & Chemical, Pesticide and General Purpose Safety

  • Workfloors & Overpack Drums

    Bunded Workfloors, Overpacks & Drum Dollies

  • Portable Containment

    Stinger Yellow Jacket, Stinger Berm – Portable Bund and Prowler Pop-up Containment Pool

  • Plant Nappy

    Locks in oil and fuel leaks from small plant and machinery and filters out clean rainwater

  • Drum Storage: vertical & horizontal

    1 – 4 Drum Spill pallets, Drum Dispenser Systems and Stands

  • Covered Drum & IBC Bunds

    Covered IBC Spill pallets, Hazard Hut & Job Hut, Steel Hardcover Spill pallets

  • Drum Accessories

    Drum Trays & Funnels, 4 Wheel steel drum Dolly, Jugs, Funnels and Taps

  • IBC Storage

    Single & Double IBC Spill pallets and Accessories

  • Outdoor Drum & IBC Storage Units

    Bunded Steel Drum Storage Units

  • Spillvac

    Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Interceptor Kits and Air Powered Liquid Pumps

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