COVID-19 Update
Ferguson & Menzies are open and providing essential services across the country
We would like to inform our clients that Ferguson & Menzies Ltd (Opus Lubricants) are open for business with almost a full complement of staff.
We are available to supply Oils, lubricants and all other Automotive & Industrial products including Adblue to businesses across the country.
Ferguson & Menzies Ltd (Opus Lubricants) take the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously and have put measures in place to protect our staff and site visitors.
Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, visitors and contractors providing a safe and clean environment. Find out more
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Spill Control & Janitorial Supplies

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is a leading distributor for FENTEX, the ‘Number One in Spill Control’ providing an extensive product range to meet the industry standard.

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  • Absorbents

    General Purpose, Oil & Fuel, Chemical and Loose Absorbents

  • Wiping Materials & Paper Products

    Paper Rolls, Zero-lint Wipers, Recycled Wiping Cloth

  • ‘spillpod’, Absorbent Station & Dispensers

    General Purpose, Oil & Fuel, Chemical, Boxed Absorbents, Absorbent Stations and Roll Dispensers

  • Spill Kits

    1L – 50L Spill Kits, 50L – 125L Spill Kits, 200L – 300L Spill Kits, 350L – 1100 Spill Kits, Vehicle Spill Kits and Accessories

  • Drain Protection

    Reusable Drain Protection and Assorted Kits

  • Oil Stain Removal Kits & Degreasers

    Concrete, Block Paving, Tarmac & Asphalt Cleaning Kits
    Multi-Use Biodegradable Aqueous Degreaser, Concrete & hard Surface Cleaner, Tarmac & Asphalt Surface Cleaner

  • Drip Pans & Trays

    Mini trays, Drip Pans, Tidy Tray and Drip Trays

  • 5 Litre & 25Litre Drum Storage

    Small Container Bunded Storage

  • Hazardous Storage Cabinets & Stores

    Flammable Liquid, Acid & Chemical, Pesticide and General Purpose Safety

  • Workfloors & Overpack Drums

    Bunded Workfloors, Overpacks & Drum Dollys

  • Portable Containment

    Stinger Yellow Jacket, Stinger Berm – Portable Bund and Prowler Pop-up Containment Pool

  • Plant Nappy

    Locks in oil and fuel leaks from small plant and machinery and filters out clean rainwater

  • Drum Storage: vertical & horizontal

    1 – 4 Drum Spillpallets, Drum Dispenser Systems and Stands

  • Covered Drum & IBC Bunds

    Covered IBC Spillpallets, Hazard Hut & Job Hut, Steel Hardcover Spillpallets

  • Drum Accessories

    Drum Trays & Funnels, 4 Wheel steel drum Dolly, Jugs, Funnels and Taps

  • IBC Storage

    Single & Double IBC Spillpallets and Accessories

  • Outdoor Drum & IBC Storage Units

    Bunded Steel Drum Storage Units

  • Spillvac

    Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Interceptor Kits and Air Powered Liquid Pumps

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& Menzies products, please get in touch today.
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