Ferguson & Menzies – Keeping pace with technology

The oils and lubricants available today have to adapt to keep pace with new engine technology which is becoming more and more complex.

High quality petrol diesel engine oil Ferguson MenziesAs new engine technology develops, optimum performance levels in turn demand more exacting levels of performance and efficiency from oils and lubricants.

This means lubricant manufacturers are under more scrutiny to produce lubricants to ever more exact specifications such as lower viscosity oils that reduce emissions to ensure that they ‘do exactly as they say on the tin’ according to the relevant technical documentation.

Verification of Lubrication Specifications

Complaints are regularly received by the Verification of Lubrication Specifications, an independent organisation providing a credible and trusted means to verify lubricant specifications. They regularly receive complaints about oils and lubricants which are alleged to fall short of the marketing hype and may not be fit for purpose. All the more reason for lubricant producers to maintain high standards both in the products themselves but also the technical data sheets which come with them.

Ferguson & Menzies’ petrol and diesel engine oils

Ferguson & Menzies are manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of petrol and diesel engine oils ranging from Synthetic, Low Saps, Semi Synthetic and Mineral Oils for Diesel and Petrol Engines designed for Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Duty Diesel Engines. As such we have a duty to ensure that our products are engineered for best performance and also to state accurately our product specifications in their technical data sheets.

All our oils and lubricants are rigorously tested to meet our own high quality expectations and requirements as well as those of our customers and ever-changing legislation. As testament to this we are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company which assures our commitment to producing products which meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

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