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A comprehensive range of Fully Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Mineral Based Lubricants for the automotive, agricultural, haulage, plant hire and engineering industries.
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Find the oil you’re looking for in just a few clicks/taps! Simply select your business sector, make and model of vehicle, type of equipment and manufacturer.
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Ferguson & Menzies’ products have a huge range of applications. We are also flexible enough to offer products for individual and specific requirements. Just ask us…
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Why Choose Opus?

We supply a comprehensive range of lubricants, greases, construction products and chemicals. Our customers have used us over the years for the following reasons:

  • UK wide delivery
  • High quality customer service
  • UK wide sales force
  • Only manufacturer in Scotland
  • We can supply customer own brand products
  • Competitive prices
  • Extensive range of products
  • And much more…

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Any time we have contacted your office or Sales Rep we have had nothing but a professional attitude.
John Gray, Jarvie Plant
We have used OPUS ELITE in our two fodon trucks and found a huge reduction in fuel cost over a short period and found both vehicles running smother and more efficient. Very pleased
Patrick, PWH Lifting Services

Case Studies

Ferguson & Menzies Solutions

To find a Product which would de-bond on a Capping Beam which was being trenched out some weeks later. Part of a large infrastructure Project…
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Latest News

  • Quality control for oils, greases and lubricants

Lubrication Solutions – Quality Control

Ferguson & Menzies identify common problems and solutions for quality control for lubricants for machinery and equipment for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Applying right amount of lubricant to gears

Lubrications Solutions – The best lubricant for the job

Do you need a specialised oil, grease or lubricant for vehicles, machinery and equipment for commercial and industrial applications? Ferguson & Menzies explore the issues and provide a solution.

  • Right amount of grease on gear

Lubrication Solutions – The Goldilocks Principle

You know the story; one bowl of porridge was too hot for Goldilocks, the other too cold, but the third was just right. It may be a children’s story but the concept of “just the right amount” is now an accepted scientific principle.