Maintenance Greases and Lubricants from Scotland’s Leading Manufacturer

Most organisations in the UK run almost 365 days a year, meaning maintenance needs to be planned throughout the year and around production schedules.

Opus Maintenance Greases and LubricantsThe purpose of maintenance is to maximise an asset’s useful lifetime and minimise expensive downtime costs. Therefore, servicing intervals and the materials used for maintenance are vitally important.

That’s where Ferguson & Menzies can help:

We manufacture a huge range of Greases, Engine Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Universal Tractor Oils and Transmission Fluids that are widely used throughout the industrial, food, automotive and agricultural sectors.

Our maintenance greases and oils can be supplied in a variety of convenient packages from small containers to IBCs, allowing you the most versatile way to deliver your maintenance regime.

Find out more about our huge range of maintenance greases and lubricants.