Are your vehicle’s lubricants well within spec for cold weather operation?

In our last blog post about the quality and authenticity of lubricants we highlighted Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS) and the need for lubricants to ‘do what they say on the tin’.

With the cold winter weather well and truly here it’s important to reassess whether or not the lubricants you put in your vehicle(s) are up to scratch.

A few years ago a case was reported to VLS of an engine gear oil which had suspect performance at low temperatures. The oil was tested and it turned solid at -40⁰C. VLS highlighted the issue to the supplier and worked with them to remove the product from sale and reformulate it to within the required specification.

Lubricants must be well within specifications

Cold weather vehicle lubricants

All Ferguson Menzies’ Opus Lubricants cold weather products are well within specifications for driving in extreme conditions.

Now, you might think that while the UK doesn’t experience such excessively low temperatures this shouldn’t really matter. However, in Scotland very low temperatures aren’t unknown and can persist longer than in some other parts of the UK. For lubricants to be within specification, they must be able to perform well and consistently in very low temperatures as it helps avoid wear while vehicles are operating in very low temperatures and also during start-up.

Vehicle lubricants must be dependable not only from a convenience point of view but also from a health and safety aspect. Here at Ferguson Menzies we ensure our lubricants, additives and winter products such as fuel treatments, antifreeze and screen wash are well within the required specification for reliable and safe operation in temperatures of down to -30 and more if required. As a result, our customers have the confidence in our products and peace of mind that their vehicle(s) aren’t being unnecessarily damaged or drivers and other road users put at risk.

Contact us for more information or for advice on your vehicle lubricant requirements for cold weather and winter operation.